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tool band new album
More details confirm that the new Tool album is nearly finished Consequence of Sound.
Recording process for Tools new album is about to begin in earnest, confirms band in new statement. The band new album, their first in 10 years, is nearing completion. By Alex Young, 5 days ago. We now have visual confirmation of Tool in the studio, recording their new album.
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Final Tool rehearsal prior to recording new album? Another visitor from the Loft today, this time British rapper Heitham Al-Sayed from the band Senser, who claims that this is the last rehearsal prior to recording. All signs seem to be pointing to Tool reaching conclusion on their next album.
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Maynard James Keenan offers exciting update on Tools new album: Words Melodies 100% DONE on all but 1 track Consequence of Sound.
on February 16, 2018, 1011pm.: When writing about Tool s new album, a typical story goes something like this: a member of the band not named Maynard James Keenan offers a promising update about how the album is close to being done, only to have Keenan temper our anticipation with a single belch.
Tool's' New Album: Everything We Know Rolling Stone.
Here's' why they're' the rare band that's' worth this kind of trouble. 2008: Keenan says the band is working on a new album right" away." Almost as soon as 10000, Days came out, Tool began sending mixed messages about their future.
Its Official: Tool are in the studio, recording their new album Consequence of Sound.
An intriguing new update from the bands guitarist about the long-awaited new album. By Ben Kaye, 2 months ago. Danny Carey says new Tool album definitely coming in 2018. However, a representative of the band says as of now there is no release date.
Tool's' Maynard James Keenan: New Album Not Coming Out This Summer.
In our chat with Danny Carey last December, the drummer was asked about a new Tool disc coming in 2018. Im saying definitely, Carey replied. Well" probably have it done in the first half of the year if things go as planned. Theres setup times and manufacturing I can never predict all that, it seems like its constantly evolving. What time of year it will be out I cant tell you" He has reiterated that statement in several interviews since, though seeming less confident, stating to Kerrang, 2019? Is that what I said? Oh, 2018 laughs Yeah, itll be out at some point in 2018." Jones, meanwhile, in an in a posting on his Instagram earlier this month, stated, Music" is done. Lyrics coming in hard" So while there is no firm release date, the band does appear to be closing in on finishing the album.
Maynard James Keenan offers an encouraging update about the new Tool album NME.
The bands last album was 2006s 10000, Days and rumours of a new album have long been circulating. Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan has now confirmed that the band are working on that new album and that were closer than ever to finally hearing it.

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