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This audit tool is a hero among SEO tools, offering 45 checks in 6 different categories to serve up a comprehensive report that you can use to improve results. Besides common SEO issues, it also takes care of social media and semantic web.
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Varvy is an easy-to-use auditing tool that helps website masters get in-depth information regarding links, images, social counts, domains overview, mentions, website speed, technical SEO, etc. Once you enter URL, you will notice green checks, red Xs and yellow exclamation points to define all severity of issues on a site.
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Therefore, nothing better than counting on a tool that can help you to check if your idea is good enough or, better than that, give you some suggestions. And this is what SEO Title and Description tool can do. 5 Varvy SEO tool.
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Image SEO Tool by Varvy. Do you think that loading your website with fancy pictures, cool graphics, and dragons firing lasers out of their eyes will bring customers to your website? Well maybe to some degree, but they certainly did not get there via SEO.
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Varvy also shows relevant solutions for your issues that your site is facing through different articles by providing links. Apart from that it can calculate an average score for every test you made there and it also have some other features like CSS delivery tool, Gzip compression test, Social media count tool, Page request tool, etc From this we conclude that only one tool is required for all the different tests. You can refer full review on my blog if you like to know more about this tool: Varvy SEO Tool Review.
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Varvy Pagespeed Optimization. Varvy Pagespeed Optimization is a tool developed and maintained by Patrick Sexton, who also created GetListed.org, which is now known as Moz Local. The reports are broken into 5 different sections including a resource diagram, css delivery, javascript usage, page speed issues found, and services used.
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The Varvy SEO Tool is arguably one of the most comprehensive free audit options out there and its a great learning tool for just about anyone, really. Not only does it break potential issues into clean, summarized little pieces, it also provides quick links that expand on each issue, providing a truly useful SEO learning experience.

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