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Although demos are typically intended only for record labels, the band was so pleased with theirs that they sold copies to their fans. Tool signed to Zoo Entertainment just three months into their career, 2 and released their first studio EP, Opiate, in March 1992.
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I can detect more Tool influence in King Crimson, than I can hear King Crimson in Tool" 123 In describing their wide range of styles, critics have noted that they are influenced" as much by Pink Floyd as by the Sex Pistols" 124 Other reported influences of the band include Rush, 125 Helmet, Faith No More and Jane's' Addiction.
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Although they figured they had enough raw musical ideas to fill an album, and one close-to-complete track, they felt too constrained by their business dealings to be creative. When one of Jones friends sued Tool over some artwork, the band's' insurance company sued the band over technicalities with the case leading the band to file a countersuit against the insurer.
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en Kory Grow, Tool Are Continuing to Work on New Album, Despite Internet Rumors That It Is Done, Rolling Stone, 7 mars 2014 consulté le 23 avril 2014. en Corey Grow, Tool Explain Why They Haven't' Put Out a New Album Since 2006, Rolling Stone, 15 juillet 2014 consulté le 15 juillet 2014.
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The musical landscape this band craftsis the fulfilment of life, surreally black and purely haunting. The band jumped into an extremely heavy cover of the Ramones Commando, baffling some fans and driving others into an approving fit of screams. Tool is an American progressive metal band from Los Angeles, California.

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